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Visual Arts

Department of Visual Arts 


The Visual Arts Department at Dallas Academy provides an environment where students can explore their creativity as well as improve upon their artistic technique. Students are given the opportunity to explore a variety of art mediums including drawing, painting, cartooning, mosaics, woodworking, pottery, sculpture, and photography. Students learn the process of creating art, learn to trust their own artistic vision, as well as develop an appreciation of art. Students are taught ways to critique art and how to assess the artistic value of a piece. Students enjoy the therapeutic aspect of developing their own art. Most importantly, Dallas Academy students are able to find pride and confidence in their own, individual artistic talents.


Some highlights of the Dallas Academy art program:

·         Two dimensional and three dimensional art courses

·         Annual photography trips to Big Bend National Park and Caddo Lake

·         Dallas Academy students commissioned for Butterfly Exhibit at FairPark

·         Annual school-wide art gala