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Music and Performing Arts

DA’s Department of Music Therapy & Performing Arts


About Our Department

Dallas Academy is proud to have developed a dynamic Music Therapy and Performing Arts Department. At DA, we believe every student should have the opportunity to have their lives enriched by participating in music and theater. Children and teens are naturally drawn to music and the arts as a means to energize, understand, and express themselves. With over 30 years of professional experience, Dallas Academy’s department director, Molly Phillips Grogan, Board Certified Music Therapist, understands the unique power of music and the arts as educational and therapeutic tools.  Ms. Grogan uses the arts to help the young person change and develop their lives in a positive way.  We hope you will join us to explore all the possibilities that music and the arts can provide. 


Music Therapy - Private Piano, Guitar, and Voice Lessons

The Dallas Academy Music Studio is open to all students in grades 1-12 who are interested in learning to sing, play piano, or guitar and to who want to grow and improve through participation in music. Using music as a therapeutic tool, Ms. Molly Phillips Grogan, Board Certified Music Therapist, adapts private one-on-one weekly lessons to meet each individual’s special learning needs –using music as a tool to reinforce self-confidence, identity, self-expression, basic learning skills, creativity, self-control, frustration tolerance, increased trust, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning, fine and gross motor coordination, reading and listening skills, memory, organization, sequencing, spatial reasoning, and other important skills.  


Children’s “M &M” Classes - Music & More

Children in grades 1-6 participate in music classes that include a wide-variety of music and creative experiences. Playing simple rhythm instruments helps our youngest students learn to follow and read music notation and play ensemble pieces. Singing together helps develop group goals, lanuage,self-awareness and attention-span. Creative movement and drama activities encourage our young students to pretend and create - and are always a highly enjoyed time in class and on stage. Square dancing reinforces basic concepts and group cooperation. A form of guided imagery we call “Relaxation Imagination” helps student’s develop their ability to focus, relax, and gain new self-control as they improve in this unique exercise. The children love “riding on a magic carpet, going to a tropical beach, or floating in a hot air balloon” as the music therapist guides imaginations. Each spring’s “DA Kid’s Variety Showcase” delights audiences with a show of singing, dancing, comedy skits, piano and guitar soloists, and much more! Selected children may participate in additional productions throughout the year.


The DA Singers – Girls Choir

DA Singers is a club for a select group for female singers in grades 7-12 who demonstrate good basic singing skills and a genuine desire to sing and perform as our DA Show Choir. Members commit to an exciting year of rehearsals, school performances and touring through the community as representatives of Dallas Academy. Come improve in your singing and performance as you have fun being a part of DA Singers.  If you are interested, see Ms. Grogan!


Performing Arts CLASS - High School Course            

This class, designed for high school students, meets daily during 8th period. Mrs. Grogan and theater intern Ms. Daly share their unique performing arts skill-sets with students. Students are encouraged to be creative through daily experiences with improvisation, creative movement, self-expression, risk-taking, imagination relaxation, diction, pantomime, role-playing, and beginning acting. Participation includes opportunities in the annual holiday production, an anti-bully play, a one-act Shakespearean play, and our big spring musical. It’s easy to see the confidence, personal growth and development of the students as part of this dynamic class! 


Performing Arts CLUB - PAC+

Dallas Academy’s Performing Arts Club, PAC+, is an extension of PAC Class. No experience necessary! This club is designed for students in grades 7-12 who are not enrolled in 8th period performing arts class but are interested in participating in our big holiday show, spring musical, and other productions. First practices include participation in fun theater activities, drama exercises, and games as we explore create possibilities for acting and all aspects of show-building. Recently performances on the DA Stage were The Sound Of Music, Romeo & Juliet, Peanuts Charlie Brown’s Holidays, Beauty & The Beast, Grease, Frozen, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. 


Guest Concert Series for Cultural Enrichment

Our Guest Concert Series invites a wide-range of guest artists to perform on the Dallas Academy stage for our students and school community. The purpose of the series is to provide enriching cultural experiences for our students while giving them the rare opportunity to see and hear artists up close and personal. Recent concerts included performances by the world renowned Cashore Marionnettes, The Coram Deo Jazz Band, The Yale Men’s Alley Cat Chorus, Singer-songwriter Emily Elbert, the Booker T. Washington Orchestra and the “What is Jazz” Quartet. We eagerly anticipate future concerts coming to the DA stage.


A Word from Our Director - Molly P. Grogan, MT-BC

For over thirty years of serving as Director of Dallas Academy's dynamic Music Department, I have seen our department grow in size and develop in versatility and outreach. As a professional Board-Certified Music Therapist, I value my opportunity to work closely with my students as I adapt teaching to their individual needs as they develop in risk-taking and goal-reaching. Witnessing students' change and development right before my eyes is the most satisfying part of my job.  In both ensemble experiences as well as with one-on-one private music instruction, I enjoy developing a warm relationship with “my kids” as I watch them develop in music and personal growth because of their experiences in music and theater. Music and the performing arts are both educational and therapeutic! Lives change.


Come join us for the fun! No experience necessary! 

For more information about any of these exciting opportunities please email Molly Phillips Grogan, Music Therapist- BC at or call 214 -324-1481 x448