Dallas Academy’s high school academic plan provides students with a college preparatory education. Our graduation plan meets and exceeds the state of Texas’s curriculum requirements, enabling our students to apply for admission into institutions of higher education throughout the nation. A highlight of the academy is the two daily English courses taken by each student to strengthen reading, writing, and grammar skills. Students also complete four units of math, science, and social studies. In addition to the Dallas Academy academic plans, a variety of enrichment curriculum is offered to provide students the opportunity to be creative and discover new passions. Certain Dallas Academy students may be eligible for modified designations to select courses based on their diagnostic testing while still meeting all graduation requirements.
Grades 9-12 Core Curriculum
English - 4.0 Units Required
English - 4.0 Units Required
Grammar and Composition
Mathematics - 4.0 Units Required
Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra IIA, Algebra IIB, Math Studies, Consumer Math 
Science - 4.0 Units Required
Principals of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science                                                                      
Social Studies - 4.0 Units Required
World History, World Geography, American History, Government (1 semester), Economics (1 semester)                
Spanish* - 2.0 Units Required
Health - 0.5 Units Required
Fine Arts - 1.0 Units Required
Choir, 2-Dimensional Art, Ceramics, Art Materials and Techniques, Photography I, Performing Arts Class
Physical Education** - 1.0 Units Required
Speech - 0.5 Units Required

Electives - 3.0 Units Required 

General Electives: History of Music and Film, Yearbook Journalism, Foundations of Personal Finance, Persuasive Speaking

Vocational/Career Electives: Creative Technology (Graphic Design, Photoshop, Web Design,) Criminal Justice, Forensic Science

Total Units of Credit Required for Graduation – 28.0

4 hours of community service required per semester.
*Students who have significant language difficulties may request not to take Spanish. Most four year colleges and universities recommend or require two consecutive years of a foreign language for admission.
** Students may receive PE credit for participation in school sponsored team sports. This also eliminates the need to take PE as a scheduled course and provides more opportunities for elective classes.