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Uniform Requirements


Dallas Academy Dress Code



Dress Code Philosophy

The dress code is designed as a part of the structured educational experience at Dallas Academy. It serves to provide equality among students and is meant to reflect a disciplined approach to learning. All students who attend Dallas Academy must agree to abide by the dress code policy. It is requested that uniforms be kept in good repair at all times. 


Dallas Academy is once again partnering with Tommy Hilfiger Global School Wear Uniforms. All uniform clothing must be purchased through Tommy Hilfiger. Please log on to to see a complete list of Dallas Academy approved uniforms items based on gender and grade level. Dallas Academy will no longer allow Lands End products on campus.


Detailed information pertaining to rules about appropriate shoes, accessories, hairstyles, piercings, tattoos, leggings/tights, outerwear, and “free dress day” attire can be found in Dallas Academy’s student handbook which is available on Dallas Academy’s website and through RenWeb. The Dallas Academy administration will notify parent of any amendments to the student handbook at the start of the new school year.


Students who fail to abide by the above dress code guidelines will be assessed a $4 fine for each infraction. Students who continue to ignore the dress code requirements are subject to being sent home when offenses occur and resulting absences will be considered unexcused.


Please consult the Dallas Academy Handbook for further details. Although there may be differences of opinion as to what constitutes appropriate dress, the final decision rests with the school administrators. Students who do not comply with this policy will be required to change into appropriate dress prior to returning to class and will be given appropriate disciplinary consequences.