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6 Man Football

Where did it start ?

Six man football started in Chester, Nebraska in 1933 during the Depression. The school had a scarce number of students and the High School was unable to play 11 man football. After that, the trend caught on and more small school started to play 6 man football. During the Depression more teams in Nebraska played 6 man than 11 man.

Who started it ?

A man named Stephen Epler, who worked at Chester High, was thinking of ways to field football teams out of very small schools. Their school's principal had given him that challenge. He decided on six players because he thought that five was too few. This would allow for the even split of ends and the backfield. During the Depression, Epler was also looking for ways to save money for smaller schools. This include using soft soled shoes instead of cleats and not using any hip pads. The shoe idea was alright, but anyone who plays 6 man knows that you need all of the pads you can get because of the high speeds and harder hitting.

Basic rules .

*A first down is 15 yards.     * Field goals are worth 4 points.     * The field is 80 yards by 40 yards.  * "Mercy Rule" game ends after the 2nd half begins if either team leads by 45 points.