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“Thanks for everything you have done for the students of Dallas Academy! I know my daughter loves it at Dallas Academy and her confidence in her work and life have soared.” 
“Dallas Academy has helped so much in the healing process after being ‘beaten down’ by perceived failures in pervious school experiences. My son is no longer afraid to try new endeavors. He is no longer expecting to fail before he starts.”
“The remarkable Dallas Academy team understands that although some students will progress faster than others, it doesn’t mean that those who require more time will accomplish less. They work wonders by nurturing the individuality of their students, as they celebrate triumphs, provide daily guidance, encouragement, and support. The DA faculty motivates students to adapt and excel.”
“Dallas Academy has done more to change the lives of its students and their families than any school I know. Dallas Academy has made it possible for our students to have hope in future.”
"I think of my years a Dallas Academy often. My years there were a significant turning point in my development. Not so much the facts and figures I learned, but the self-confidence I gained is what I continue to carry with me to this day. I sincerely believe that had Dallas Academy not found its way into my life, I would not have graduated from college, much less have received a Masters Degree. When I graduated from UNT, the pride and joy in my parents’ faces was priceless. I owe a great deal to my parents for their ongoing support, but I also owe a great deal to Dallas Academy for showing me that getting an education is possible, even if one person’s educational journey differs from another. With hard work, perseverance, and the right support in place, success is not only possible, it is highly probable."
“Looking back on the four years that I spent at Dallas Academy, I realize that I would not have changed a minute of it for the world. I recall how, just like any other new student, I was nervous about starting at a new high school, but as soon as I stepped through those doors of what once was a "pink school," I knew that I was going to have the time of my life.”
“We have all heard the saying, ’Time flies when you are having fun.’  Well, my four years at D.A. really did fly by. While I was at Dallas Academy, I was involved in almost every extracurricular activity they had to offer. If I was not studying you could find me on the volleyball court, cheering on the cheer squad at games, singing in the show choir, attending club meetings, working on the yearbook during lunch, or just hanging out with friends.”
“Of course, Dallas Academy would not be what it is today without its amazing faculty; all of whom truly care for the welfare and success of each student. I would go in to further detail on how each teacher I have had has made a difference in my life, but I am not writing a novel. Instead, I will keep this testimony on the short side by just saying that I would not be a freshman in college if it were not for the staff at D.A. I must admit that the teachers there played a big role in helping me decide that I want to become a teacher to LD students. In a way, I guess I want to give back to the school what I have gained the past four years of my life by possibly teaching at my Alma Mata in the near future. Thank you to everyone at Dallas Academy for all you have done and continue to do. Go big blue!"