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Eligibility Requirements

Player Eligibility
Grades - All students are required to pass all classes.  At the end of the six weeks grading period if a student is failing any class, they are ineligible for three weeks.  At the end of the three weeks the student will be eligible if they are passing the class/classes they were failing.
High School Participation Eligibility - Once a student has entered the ninth grade they have eight consecutive semesters to compete in varsity athletics.
Junior High Participation - An 8th grade student may participate on the high school varsity team without affecting their eligibility for the remainder of their high school career.  
Age - For high school sports a student is not eligible for competition if they have reached the age of nineteen prior to September 1st.  For junior high sports a student is not eligible if they have reached the age of fifteen prior to September 1st.
Junior Varsity - No senior shall participate on a JV team.  A varsity starter shall not play on the JV team unless the opposing coach gives their permission and there are not enough JV players to begin the event.
Co-ed Teams - At the high school level, with the exception of varsity soccer, girls may not play on any team designated as a boys’ team and boys may not play on any team designated as a girls’ team.  At the junior high level all sports with the exception of junior high football are coed.
Ejection - Any athlete ejected from a game must serve a minimum one game suspension.  If a player is ejected from a game for a second time, in one season, the player will be ineligible for the remainder of that season.
School Suspension - Students suspended from their school may not play in any athletic during the period of their suspension.
Removal From Team - Any student that is removed from a team or quits a team will be ineligible for all sports for that semester.
Students are expected to follow all rules as stated in the student handbook and in their player agreements.