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Athletic Department

The Dallas Academy Athletics Program's goal is to teach athletes about sportsmanship, honor, dedication, integrity, discipline, and the value of hard work.  Athletic participation will play an important role in developing self-confidence, leadership skills, and social development.  The amount of sports offered coupled with the school's size will give all students the opportunity to be a part of an athletic team that will teach them how to win with class and to lose with dignity.
Dallas Academy is proud to offer a wide range of competitive high school sports as a member of Texas Christian Athletic Fellowship (TCAF).  The school is in division one in all sports.  The sports that Dallas Academy has competed in are football, baseball, basketball (including boys varsity, girls varsity and JV boys), golf, soccer (co-ed), softball, tennis, track, cross country, and volleyball (girls only). Occasionally, the low level of interest and participation from students prevents a team from being fielded in a particular sport for a specific year.  The many banners around the gymnasium indicate the competitiveness of the programs. 
Dallas Academy also offers athletics for junior high students, grades 4-8, as a member of Christian Schools Athletic Fellowship (CSAF), IAA, and JIAA. Sports that have been available for these students are basketball, football, soccer, track, cross country, and volleyball.
                                         Athletic Fees for 2017-2018
Sport                 Junior High/Elementary             High School
Football                   $100                                  $150
Soccer                    $50                                    $100
Volleyball                $40                                    $75
Cross Country         $25                                    $50
Basketball               $50                                    $100
Baseball                  $50                                    $100
Tennis                     $25                                    $50
Track                      $25                                    $50
Golf                         $25                                   $50