Admission Procedures

Dallas Academy Admission Policy and Procedures 
Dallas Academy’s mission is to restore the promise of full academic enrichment to students with learning differences. We establish a meaningful connection with each student to overcome barriers to success.
Most children with learning differences have had their condition misunderstood by both fellow students and the educational system, producing significant frustration at the least. Dallas Academy offers a private, specialized educational experience with highly qualified faculty at competitive tuition rates. Dallas Academy offers students and parents the best of both worlds by providing an effective program and strategies to meet the special educational needs of bright students with learning differences, while including the activities and enrichment opportunities of a larger, more traditional school.
Admission Timeline
Dallas Academy offers rolling admission, and students are accepted on a space-available basis throughout the year. For families interested in enrollment at the beginning of the fall semester, enrollment opens in January of the previous year. As Dallas Academy is a specialized school with a maximum enrollment of 210, many grade-levels fill up quickly so we strongly encourage families to begin the admission process early.
Admission Requirements
  • On-site visitation by parent and student with John Hill, Headmaster
  • Diagnostic testing (within three years) verifying learning difference
  • One or two-day visit (depending on grade) by student
  • Interview with Headmaster
  • Previous teacher evaluation
  • If accepted, completion of enrollment application and deposit
Please contact John Hill at to begin the admission process. If it is determined that your student is a candidate for admission, the school visitation and interview with Dr. Hill will be arranged.
Diagnostic Testing
Dallas Academy accepts diagnostic testing (within three years) from a variety of doctors, therapists, and educators throughout the community. If your child needs to be tested, the Dallas Academy administrative team can provide a list of local diagnosticians and providers upon request. Once admitted, Dallas Academy requires updated diagnostic testing be submitted to the school office every three years in keeping with state and federal guidelines.
Admission Policies
Dallas Academy does not discriminate based on race, color, sex, religion, or ethnic origin. Dallas Academy acknowledges that the unique backgrounds, voices, and experiences of the individual enhance the overall quality of the group.
Financial Assistance

Dallas Academy is proud to offer a Financial Assistance Program which is designed to assist families who otherwise would not be able to afford the specialized programs of Dallas Academy. Dallas Academy’s Financial Aid Program furthers the mission of the school by restoring the promise of academic enrichment to students with diagnosed learning differences from a variety of backgrounds and regardless of socio-economic status. To discuss the Financial Assistance program and to begin the financial assistance application process, please contact Dr. John Hill.

Tax Information
The following educational services are tax deductible as medical expenses as they are incurred to alleviate your child’s physical or mental condition:
Tuition costs for a special day school (section 213-1-e-IRS code 1954) (Revenue Ruling 58-280) (Revenue Ruling 69-466, C.B. 1969-2, 39)
Dallas Academy qualifies as a special day school under this IRS ruling, and is a 501c-3 corporation.  This information was obtained from Tax Guide for Parents, published by the Coordinating Council for Children and Learning Differences.