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Parent Testimonials

“Dallas Academy has done more to change the lives of its students and their families than any school I know of. I think it has made it possible for our students to have hope about the future. I also feel like it brings out the best in the kids which may not have been found in another environment.”
“Perhaps most important to our daughter and to us as her parents, you have helped so much in the healing process that she has gone though after being ‘beaten down’ with her perceived failures in pervious school experiences. She is no longer afraid to try new endeavors. She is no longer expecting to fail before she starts.”
“We cannot thank you enough for the experience you have provided for our daughter. The small classrooms, the multi-sensory approach to learning, the warm demeanor of teachers and the supportive learning environment have all contributed to [our daughter's] success in school. She is enjoying the process of learning and her sense of confidence in her ability to learn is blossoming as well. We are so thankful that this supportive school exists and that you are in the business of making dreams come true. Thank you so much, Dallas Academy!”
“Kudos to Dallas Academy as well! His experience there has been unforgettable. I certainly thank God for leading us down the right path for my son. Dallas Academy has not only helped him academically, it has also provided my son with an environment where he could flourish as a young man. His confidence is UNBELIEVABLE!  I know everyone has kept my son in their thoughts and prayers throughout his life and I appreciate you all!”
“Where to begin? Your school has changed our lives forever! We have watched our daughter blossom in your school and we are truly thankful! You have provided her with such a positive and nurturing environment! I look forward to watching her grow while at Dallas Academy. I feel as your school has provided her with a limitless future!”
Thank you for all you do for the students of Dallas Academy.”  My daughter seems to be adjusting much better than last year. The "I hate that school" is gone from our conversations and so are the tears.”  Not only is she receiving the education she needs but she is learning that we all have ‘differences’ and we appreciate the abilities we do have. She had said that everyone she has met so far at Dallas Academy had been very nice. I am grateful for you and the kind, patient teachers.”

“I highly recommend Dallas Academy to any parents who have a desire to place their child in a school that can maximize their child's learning potential. DA created, monitored, and revised my daughter's customized school program and curriculum from the second half of first grade and until the end of her fifth grade school year.” 

"I can't begin to thank you enough for the enthusiasm you bring to the school and the personal interest you always take in the students and their success. Having been in business for almost 30 years, it is easy to detect sincerity from the opposite, and I believe every student you have at DA is important to you."
“We have had such a wonderful experience at Dallas Academy and it is due to the fantastic teachers who have been willing to go the extra mile for our son! We are so thankful that our son is able to attend Dallas Academy and be in an encouraging, nurturing, and caring environment where he feels comfortable to be himself and know that the faculty and staff are there to help him in any way! DA has been an answer to our prayers!  Our son has always enjoyed learning and now he can do that in the best way for him.  Thank you so much for everything and we will see you next year!"
"Dallas Academy provides a successful prescription for overcoming learning differences by enhancing the abilities and potential of each student. The remarkable Dallas Academy team understands that although some students progress faster than others, it doesn't mean that those who require more time will accomplish less. They work wonders by nurturing the individuality of their students, as they: celebrate triumphs, no matter how small; provide daily guidance, encouragement, and support; and motivate them to adapt and excel."