Diagnostic Evaluations

Diagnostic Evaluations


During the admission process, diagnostic testing is required (within three years) to verify a learning difference. Dallas Academy accepts diagnostic testing from a variety of doctors, therapists, and educators throughout the community.


For current families, Dallas Academy requires updated diagnostic testing be submitted to the school office every three years in keeping with state and federal guidelines. Diagnostic evaluations provide our educators the necessary information to offer appropriate accommodations and modifications to help each student achieve academic and social success. An evaluation is an important tool in order for parents and teachers to address the unique needs of each child.


Diagnostic evaluations can be used for a variety of other purposes such as:


  • Individualized curriculum planning
  • Student accommodations and classroom modifications
  • Placement in specialized programs such as Take Flight, Social Skills groups, and Sensory Integration classes
  • PSAT, SAT, and ACT accommodations and college admissions
  • Appropriate college and career counseling


If your child needs updated testing, the Dallas Academy administrative team can provide a list of local diagnosticians and providers upon request.