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Dallas Academy is the proud recipient of a $30,000 grant courtesy of the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club. This grant, combined with an Oncor Utility Solar Rebate, will be used towards the purchase and installation of solar arrays on the roof of our school. Dallas Academy hopes that this grant, along with funds from our own fundraising campaign, will allow us to cover all compatible roof surfaces with solar panels in August of 2014.

Educational Benefits

This solar installation provides educational opportunities in science and math for all of Dallas Academy’s students as well as members of our East Dallas community. An online monitoring system located in our lobby and available in every classroom will provide real-time data on energy produced by the solar array, energy consumed by the building and its inhabitants, pollution offset by producing our own electricity, and a comparison of different types solar technology available. Students will build environmental and social consciousness through their studies of the solar array and its effect on our environment. Furthermore, every dollar saved by producing our own electricity can be directly applied to educational programming and scholarships for deserving children.  

Environmental Benefits

Based on current technology, conservative estimates show that Dallas Academy’s solar panels will produce 114,920 kWh of electricity annually. By producing our own electricity, Dallas Academy will be eliminating 95.9 tons of CO2 emissions every year! That’s equal to 9,753 gallons of gasoline not being consumed, 232,750 miles not driven, the carbon sequestered by 71.3 acres of U.S. forests in one year, or 32.6 tons of waste sent to the landfill instead of being recycled.

Economic Impact

With current solar technology expected to last 30 years, an investment made in solar power today will provide energy savings for decades to come. Conservative estimates show that Dallas Academy’s solar panels will result in an energy savings of more than $620,000 over the lifetime of the array.

The generosity of Green Mountain is only a starting point in our fundraising efforts. We are gaining momentum and plan to install over 350 solar panels this summer. In addition, we plan to invest in renewable energy educational tools and teacher training. Dallas Academy looks forward to not only reducing our carbon footprint, but to invest the money saved from energy costs back into the unique programming that we provide our students. 

We hope you will join us as we invest in the future of Dallas Academy, our students, and the environment we all share. Your contribution to our effort is greatly appreciated and fully tax-deductible.