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Ms. Judy Caporaletti graduated from Abilene Christian University (1972) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and earned a Legal Assistant Certificate with a Specialization in Family Law from Southern Methodist University (1991).
Ms. Caporaletti is beginning her twenty-first year at Dallas Academy. Currently, she is teaching high school Public Speaking, Health, World history, Government/Economics, and seventh grade Texas history.
Prior to teaching at Dallas Academy, Ms. Caporaletti was a substitute and teachers’ aide for the Highland Park Independent School District (1969-1996), an opportunity that provided experience in teaching students with differentiated learning styles.
Through membership in Delta Kappa Gamma (2000-present), an international honorary teaching society, Ms. Caporaletti has associated with other Dallas area teachers and has attended informal lectures presented by experts on current educational methods and trends.
Ms. Caporaletti’s philosophy of teaching is: “The formal educational process is one of the most important time spans in a child’s total development.  During these years, a child learns to communicate effectively with others and prepares for a productive and fulfilling life in society.  The effective instructor should carefully consider the varied learning styles of each child and respect these differences, and should approach teaching in a manner which instills a positive attitude in the child; the student will then have a valid sense of accomplishment.”