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Diversity Mission Statement

Dallas Academy is committed to providing an inclusive environment for our school community. Dallas Academy acknowledges that the unique backgrounds, voices, and experiences of the individual enhance the overall quality of the group. Dallas Academy values, and is committed to cultivating, ethnic, cultural, religious, language, gender, age, family structure, and socioeconomic diversity. We believe a diverse community is essential to providing a rich academic environment for all children and encourages lifelong learning.


Inclusiveness Program Overview
The diversity program at Dallas Academy focuses on providing a diverse array of programming and activities for our students. Through quality of education, we provide students with the tools to succeed in today’s evolving world. We value the uniqueness of each student and we seek to educate the student body on ways to embrace and celebrate our differences.

John Hill, Headmaster, Sarah Jayroe, Director of Public Relations, and Elizabeth Murski, Head of Upper School comprise Dallas Academy’s Inclusion Advisory Board. The role of the Inclusion Advisory Board is to be mindful about the inclusion of a variety of perspectives both in and out of the classroom experience.


The Inclusion Advisory Board, along with student support from Student Council and the Interact Club, offers a variety of inclusive educational opportunities for students. Activities include, but are not limited to, Mixing it Up at Lunch, Pennies for Peace, local community service, celebrations of cultural awareness months, Detective Reader series, Performing Arts Club, and the Breakfast with Girls series. Dallas Academy is always mindful of inclusion when planning curriculum, reading lists, guest speakers and field trips. The publication Teaching Tolerance is a valuable resource for Dallas Academy faculty and staff.


Olweus Bullying Prevention Program
Dallas Academy has taken proactive measures to encourage tolerance and acceptance of one another’s differences. Dallas Academy implemented the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program with students, staff, and parents in the fall of 2010 to prevent bullying on campus and within the campus community. The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, the world’s foremost bullying prevention program, was selected due to its proven track record of success for over 35 years.


The Olweus program has a history of changing the social climate on school campuses throughout the world. This program provides a comprehensive, long term plan that focuses on prevention, rather than simply reacting to problems. The implementation of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program has strengthened Dallas Academy’s focus on our core goals of improving peer relations and making the school a safer and a more positive place for students to learn and develop. This program is multifaceted, and is implemented throughout campus, in classrooms, and on the individual level. All types of bullying are addressed in the program including, but not limited to, verbal bullying, social exclusion or isolation, physical bullying, racial and ethnic bullying, and cyber bullying. 


Students meet weekly in small groups with a faculty advisor to discuss a variety of real life situations that students face. These groups offer a supportive environment where students feel safe to voice their ideas and opinions. The program will emphasize the understanding and acceptance of our differences and will teach students how to work together. Dallas Academy strives to make all students feel safe, secure, and proud of their educational environment.