Students Honored During Academic Awards Assembly

Dallas Academy’s middle and high school students were honored on Tuesday, May 1st during the annual Academic Awards Assembly held in Donald Hall. Academic awards were given in a variety of categories such as most improved in a class and best overall achievement. 

Four perfect attendance awards were given and recipients included Thomas Eades, Cole Bruns, Nate Beideck, and Shan Wolff. Four students were presented red cords to wear with their graduation robe for their exceptional commitment to saving lives by donating blood in campus blood drives. These exceptional students were Arthur Monning, Rory Moore, Max Hodges, and Olivia Eastus. 

The Saboohi Khan Memorial Scholarship was presented during the ceremony. Ms. Saboohi Khan was a member of the Dallas Academy faculty when she passed away in 2013 after a long and brave battle with cancer. She was an exceptional teacher, wife, mother, friend, and an all around wonderful person. The teachers, staff, and board of Dallas Academy created the Saboohi Khan Memorial Scholarship Fund in her honor. Saboohi would be so proud that her legacy is helping students succeed. The recipient of this year’s recipient of the Saboohi Khan Memorial Scholarship was freshman Joseph Cosby. 

The Board of Trustees honored Mr. and Mrs. Richardson in 2015 with the creation of the Mr. and Mrs. R Senior Honors Award and Scholarship. This prestigious award is presented to a deserving rising senior who exhibits all of the qualities of leadership, compassion, helpfulness to others, and unwavering school spirit. This year, we were proud to present this award to an outstanding member of the Dallas Academy class of 2019, Brandon Valadez. 

A new award this year was created this year for a distinguished middle school student who demonstrates exceptional character. The Mighty Bulldog recipient must possess the qualities of leadership and integrity. This year’s Mighty Bulldog Award went to eighth grader Jasmine Eddington.  

The highest honor of the day is the Soaring Eagle Award which is given annually to a member of the graduating senior class. The award dates back to when Dallas Academy's mascot was the Eagle. The Soaring Eagle Award recognizes a graduate that represents the qualities of integrity, enthusiasm, and selflessness. The award recipient must demonstrate high honor as well as serve as a role model to future Dallas Academy graduates. The Soaring Eagle recipient shows unwavering dedication to community, school, and family. The class of 2018 is such an outstanding class that we are proud to share that two students were selected by the Dallas Academy faculty and staff for this prestigious honor. We are thrilled to announce that Olivia Eastus and DJ Patrick were selected as 2018 Soaring Eagle winners!  

A big congratulations to Olivia, DJ, and all of our awards recipients on their many accomplishments. You make us all proud!