"Julius Caesar" Brings Down the House

A big congratulations to the Dallas Academy Department of Music and Performing Arts who presented scenes from William Shakespeare's historical play, Julius Caesar this week to a packed audience. Each spring, students in Molly Grogan's high school performing arts class present a one-act play aimed at expanding their understanding and appreciation of William Shakespeare. Students analyze Shakespeare's classic works and then are tasked with putting their own fun and creative spin on a play of their choosing. It is one of the most anticipated projects for performing arts students.
Julius Caesar featured the talents of Jack Huhner as Julius Caesar, Derek West as Mark Antony, Evan Bailey as Brutus, Coltin Stringer as Cassius, Shan Wolff as Portia, and Danna Boy as Calpurnia. Middle school students also performed in a variety of supporting roles. The show was directed by Dallas Academy's Theater Assistant Sydney Daly and produced by Ms. Grogan. Set design and art assistance was provided by Tammy Gore's high school art students with carpentry by Blake Hennegan. The technical team included Payton Menzel and Luna Miller and stage crew was led by Will Vinson. Production assistance was provided by Misty­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ­Birtcher. A big thank you to our wonderful parent volunteers including Amy Huhner, Mary Spencer, Michael and Julie Bailey, Laura Collins, Chris and Eileen Moore, Veronica Boy, Elizabeth Schrupp, and Diane Mayor. We are always in awe by the high level of talent of our student performing artists!