"Romeo and Juliet: The Ultimate Family Feud"

The Department of Music and Performing Arts presented "Romeo and Juliet: The Ultimate Family Feud" on Thursday to a packed audience. Each spring, students in Ms. Grogan and Ms. Daly's high school performing arts class present a one-act play aimed at expanding students' understanding and appreciation of the works of William Shakespeare. Students read and analyze several of Shakespeare's plays and then are tasked with putting their own fun and creative spin on a selected story. Earlier in the semester, the class welcomed Shakespearean actor Maxim Overton to campus to lead a two-day Shakespeare workshop for students. Mr. Overton has a Masters Degree in Shakespeare Performance from Mary Baldwin College in Virginia and is a frequent performer throughout the community. Students enjoyed learning about the rhythmic language of iambic pentameter, discussing vocal projection, and playing the Shakespearean insult game. The workshop helped students prepare for "Romeo and Juliet: The Ultimate Family Feud" and explore the nuances of their characters.
On Thursday, students were able to show off their hard work to an enthusiastic audience. "Romeo and Juliet: The Ultimate Family Feud" featured the talents of Alec Mayor as Romeo, Emma Thornton as Juliet, Luther Harris, Zac Manaois, Olivia Cook, Danna Boy, Jack Huhner, Dylan LeFlore, and Jake Mayor. Student Payton Menzel led the technical direction. The show was a hit and brought down the house! Way to go, Bulldogs!