WFAA WeatherMinds Team Visits Dallas Academy

Dallas Academy students enjoyed a visit from WFAA meteorologist Greg Fields on Wednesday. Mr. Fields is a part of a group of meteorologists termed the WeatherMinds along with fellow WFAA meteorologists Pete Delkus, Colleen Coyle and Ashton Altieri. The WetherMinds team visits local schools to discuss the math and science behind forecasting the weather. The team's mission is to explore North Texas weather and help students better understand the large role that weather plays in our daily lives. The WFAA campaign began in 2000 as a fun, informative way to educate and equip North Texas school children with fun, fact-filled weather wisdom.

Students were thrilled when Mr. Fields visited the Dallas Academy campus to share his passion for the weather with lower and middle school students. Mr. Fields shared that his early interest in math and science led him to pursue meteorology at Western Kentucky University. When he saw that his is first college schedule was filled with classes in physics, chemistry, and calculus, he wanted to give up and switch majors. He is thankful every day that he stuck it out and remained on course. He shared with students that there will be times in their lives they will face obstacles but to keep their eyes on the prize and to never give up. Mr. Fields ended up succeeding and graduated with a degree in Physical Geography/Meteorology. After college he joined several news teams before joining WFAA in 1998.

Mr. Fields shared with students an exciting moment in his early days on the news team. Mr. Fields was on assignment when he was flying into developing thunderstorms with the Hurricane Hunters. During the flight, the plane was struck by lightning where he was able to catch the lightning bolt on video. Mr. Fields discussed with students the science behind how weather occurs. Mr. Fields spoke about how he uses satellites and Doppler radar to track and follow tornados and thunderstorms. He shared the differences between a tornado warning and tornado watch. He discussed safety tips and places to avoid during severe weather conditions. He shared with students what precautions should be taken if they are at home versus out on the road during a severe storm. Dallas Academy’s students have been busy studying weather so many of them chimed in with their weather knowledge and vocabulary. Students were a bit disappointed, however, when Mr. Fields shared that he doesn’t think we will have any snow days in our near future. He did provide the children a small ray of hope that Texas weather can be unpredictable so he cannot rule out anything.

The members of the Dallas Academy community are so grateful to Mr. Fields and the entire WFAA WeatherMinds Team for taking the time to educate our students about the weather. Dallas Academy is excited to have numerous future meteorologist alumni! You can watch Mr. Fields Monday through Friday on WFAA’s Daybreak News from 5:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m.