Peanuts: Charlie Brown's Holidays

Dallas Academy students kicked off the holiday season with a production of Peanuts: Charlie Brown’s Holidays. The performance brought to life the colorful world of Charles M. Schulz and his beloved Peanuts characters. Dallas Academy’s Department of Music and Performing Arts shared the classic story of Charlie Brown and friends with delighted audiences. Generations of children have grown up with the Peanuts gang and the performance brought back many wonderful childhood memories. Peanuts: Charlie Brown’s Holidays was adapted for the stage by Dallas Academy’s Music Therapist and Director of Music and Performing Arts, Molly Grogan, MT-BC. The show featured the talents of twenty-three students in middle and high school and countless volunteers who helped bring the performance to life.

Peanuts: Charlie Brown’s Holidays follows Charlie Brown and his friends Lucy, Linus, Sally, Snoopy, Woodstock and the entire gang as they celebrate the holidays. Inspired by the timeless Peanuts TV specials, the show captures the spirit of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas through the eyes of children. Jack Huhner shined on stage in the leading role as Charlie Brown, the loveable everyman. As Peanut’s central protagonist, Charlie is often down on his luck and reflects the fears and anxiety that we all feel during the holidays. Although Charlie’s worry can be consuming, he is often first to grasp the spirit, hope, and lessons that can be found during the holidays. Through the stress of the seasons and the anxiety of life’s uncertainties, Charlie Brown represents us all.

Stars of the show included Dria Bentely as Lucy, Thomas Eades as Linus, Shan Wolff as Sally, Alec Mayor as Snoopy, and Jake Mayor as Woodstock. The roles of narrators were played by Miranda Rios, Mia Taylor, and David Schrupp. The Dallas Academy Singers delighted the audience as the chorus of the show and students of all ages enjoyed supporting roles in the production. The show came to life thanks to a colorful set and beautiful art, props, and costumes. The show was co-produced and directed by Molly Grogan and Sydney Daly. Dallas Academy alumna Michael Diaz served as Assistant Director. Jay Stanford served as Technical Director. Students Payton Menzel and Andy Simank were tech assistants and spotlights were led by Olivia Eastus and AnnaRose Collins. Faith Giadolor, Evan Everett, and Reagan Smith led the costume and props team and the stage crew was led by A’lexis Tolle, JC Alston, and Ethan Aunkst. Parents Joe Bentley and Matt and Sharon Bagley were instrumental in bringing Charlie’s world to life through their art design and carpentry work.

Bringing the wonderful world of Charles Shultz to the Dallas Academy stage would not have been possible without the dedication of so many incredible students and parents. The show ended on a wonderful note when, gathered around his little Christmas tree, Charlie Brown reminds everyone in the audience of the true meaning of Christmas. Charlie’s friends all begin to sing “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” to usher in the spirit of the season.