"Bridge the Gap" Annual Fund

Since 1965, Dallas Academy has strived to live up to our mission of restoring the promise of full academic enrichment to students with learning differences. We are asking for you to join us this fall in recognizing the countless accomplishments of our students, alumni, and staff over the past fifty years by contributing to Dallas Academy through the Bridge the Gap Annual Fund campaign.

Your donation will support the specialized academic programming and unique learning opportunities that Dallas Academy provides each and every student. More important than the monetary goal of this year’s Annual Fund campaign, we are striving for 100% participation by Dallas Academy friends and families, staff, and Board of Trustees. 

Dallas Academy is proud to offer you two convenient ways to lend your support to the students of Dallas Academy:

  • Dallas Academy proudly participated in North Texas Giving Day on September 22nd. Through North Texas Giving Day, Dallas Academy raised $43,280 from 122 donors in just eighteen hours!
  • If you prefer to donate to Dallas Academy directly or choose to donate after September 22nd, Bridge the Gap Annual Fund donations can be made by check, cash, or online via the "Donate Now" link on Dallas Academy's homepage. Dallas Academy’s Bridge the Gap Annual Fund campaign will be active though October 31st however we gladly accept donations made throughout the year

The success of the mission of Dallas Academy is dependent upon the generosity of families, friends, faculty, and staff. Every dollar raised will directly impact the education of Dallas Academy students. We hope you will join us by making a tax-deductible donation to Dallas Academy this fall via North Texas Giving Day or the Bridge the Gap Annual Fund campaign. When our children achieve success, we all succeed!

Did You Know?

  • There is a $3,592 gap between tuition dollars and the true cost of educating each student.
  • Annual fund dollars help Dallas Academy continue to grow and improve in areas such as:
    • Updated technology and the expansion of technological opportunities for students.
    • Curriculum enhancements including new classes and specialized resources.
    • A safe, secure, well-maintained, and inspiring campus.
    • Faculty attraction, retention, and professional development.
  • Dallas Academy applies for community grants throughout the year and foundations note the percentage of parent and alumni annual fund participation when considering whether to fund our school. Your contribution, regardless of the amount, will demonstrate that you share in Dallas Academy’s vision of success for our students.