Dallas Academy Celebrates Earth Day

Dallas Academy students celebrated Earth Day on Friday, April 22nd by organizing and participating in a variety of activities and projects aimed at creating environmental awareness. Earth Day was created in 1970 in San Francisco and it is now celebrated in nations across the world. The 2016 international Earth Day theme is “Trees for Earth” and the goal is to plant 7.8 billion trees worldwide.

Dallas Academy kicked-off Earth Day activities by contributing to the “Trees for Earth” movement. Students planted both an orange and pomegranate tree near our student garden. Students will benefit from these trees by both learning about their environmental benefits as well as being able to enjoy their fresh produce. High school science students also created rock features for the garden. The river rocks were decorated to include messages of inspiration, positivity, and tips on being green. Some of the decorated rocks were also used in a design that represents the Dallas Academy school spirit.

Ms. Smith’s Environmental Science class organized an afternoon of Earth Day activities titled ‘Passport to Earth Day.’ Each senior chose an environmental cause that they are passionate about and created a fifteen minute lesson on that cause and coordinating activity. The seniors then became the teachers and led lower school students through their environmental lessons. Third through sixth grade students rotated through each station and received a stamp in their ‘passport’ for every lesson they completed. Stand out lessons included creating a bird feeder while discussing endangered species, learning how to repurpose cardboard by creating a giant fort, making a unique piece of art with recyclable materials, studying soil care and preservation with edible dirt cups, and examining ocean pollution while creating waves in bottles. Dallas Academy is proud of our seniors who took the initiative to create such fun and educational Earth Day activities for our lower school students.

Dallas Academy is committed to educating future generations on green initiatives and putting these lessons into everyday practice. Everyone enjoyed Earth Day and plan to implement small but meaningful changes to the environment every day of the year.