Shakespeare's Work Comes Alive at Dallas Academy

High school students in Ms. Grogan's performing arts class performed scenes on February 11th from William Shakespeare's historical play, Richard III. The performance included four scenes from the first act of the play. The show featured the talents of Trevor Quaid, Keithan Pickens, and Mitchell Riley, all tackling the challenging role of Richard III. Other performers included Michael Diaz, David Schrupp, Kaleigh Rawley, Payton Menzel, Alec Mayor, and Savannah Moore. The audience was very impressed by the performers' command of the language and understanding of the themes of the play. Sydney Daly, Dallas Academy's Performing Arts Assistant, was instrumental in bringing Shakespeare's words alive on the Dallas Academy stage as the play's director. Ms. Daly and Ms. Grogan are committed to putting on a Shakespearean performance each year. Ms. Grogan would also like to recognize junior Mackenzie Surovik who designed the beautiful backdrop for the stage. Congratulations to the incredibly talented students and faculty of Dallas Academy!