Yale University’s The Alley Cats Wow

Yale University’s The Alley Cats performed to a packed house on Thursday at Dallas Academy. The nationally renowned, all-male a cappella ensemble has been a Yale University tradition since the group was formed in 1943. The Alley Cats consist of some of the nation’s best and brightest students that all share a passion for performing music while pursuing a variety of academic majors. The group is currently performing throughout Texas before classes resume later in the month and Dallas Academy was thrilled to be a stop on their tour.
The Alley Cats performed at Dallas Academy as a part of the school’s Guest Concert Series for Cultural Enrichment which aims to bring live performances to the entire school community. Molly Grogan, a board certified music therapist and Dallas Academy’s Director of Music and Performing Arts, created the enrichment program which invites guest artists to perform on campus. Ms. Grogan was surprised when she realized that many of her students had never heard a professional music group or seen an orchestra perform live. She wanted to create the concert series to provide students a rare up close and personal experience with a wide-variety of arts mediums and performers. Recent concerts have included performances by professional jazz musicians, singer-songwriters, world-class marionettes, and chamber orchestras. Ms. Grogan looks forward to introducing many more musical acts to the Dallas Academy community in the future.
The Alley Cats were founded in 1943 when, late one night, the four founding fathers climbed up to the very top of Saybrook Tower on Yale’s campus and serenaded their community by moonlight with the song “Sally in Our Alley.” That night started a Yale tradition that has lasted over seventy years. Since then, the group has released dozens of albums, has toured the world, and has over 200 songs in their repertoire. The Alley Cats have performed for President Barack Obama, Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden, Aretha Franklin, Martha Stewart, and Kristin Chenoweth just to name a few. The group boasts a diverse repertoire which includes jazz, Motown, pop, and classical music. While the group has expanded their repertoire over the years, they are still steeped in tradition and begin every performance with “Sally in Our Alley.” While their talent and professionalism was evident to everyone in the Dallas Academy audience, the group still managed to pack the performance with lots of humor through choreographed dance routines and comical speaking interludes.

Dallas Academy was thrilled to host such an exceptionally talented, personable, and bright group of gentlemen for the school’s guest concert series. Dallas Academy looks forward to hosting many more performances in the future. To learn more about The Alley Cats and to hear samples of their music, visit www.yalealleycats.com/live/.