"Frozen Forever" Wows Audiences

Dallas Academy’s Department of Music and Performing Arts took audiences on a magical journey to the kingdom of Arendelle for the annual holiday musical production. This year’s performance of Frozen Forever was inspired by the Disney film Frozen and Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Snow Queen. Dallas Academy’s Director of Music and Performing Arts, Molly Phillips Grogan, MT-BC, adapted the show for the Dallas Academy stage. Forty-six Dallas Academy students and countless volunteers played vital roles both on the stage and behind the scenes to bring the show to life.

Dallas Academy’s Frozen Forever tells the story of the unbreakable bond between sisters. Sister Elsa, Queen of Arendelle, is fearful of her uncontrolled ability to produce ice, frost, and snow which puts her loved ones in harm’s way. Being fearful of her powers, she shuts her sister, Princess Anna, out of her life without explanation. During Elsa’s coronation, a hasty wedding proposal from Hans, Prince of the Southern Isles, to Anna sets off Elsa’s powers. In a panic, Elsa flees the castle and unwittingly unleashes an eternal winter upon the kingdom. Anna, who still loves her sister, sets out to find Elsa and bring her back to Arendelle where she can hopefully end the winter. Anna and Elsa reunite, but Elsa still fears hurting her sister with her powers. When Anna insists that Elsa return, Elsa becomes upset and her powers lash out, accidentally striking Anna in the heart. Unless Anna is thawed by an "act of true love," she will become frozen forever. In an act of bravery, Elsa tries to sacrifice herself to save Anna and this act, and not a kiss from a male suitor, constitutes the act of true love which saves Anna’s life. Elsa realizes that love is the key to controlling her powers and thaws the kingdom.

The Dallas Academy community always looks forward to the annual musical to usher in the holiday season. The production brings together students of all ages in a variety of roles both on the stage and behind the scenes. Third grader Evelyn Besen and seventh grader Miranda Rios brought to life Anna’s exuberance at different points in her life. Sixth grader Amber Hill and seventh grader Amelia Dominguez personified Elsa’s regal elegance. Sixth grader Grigsby Clary played it icy cool as the conniving Prince Hans. Sixth grader Kade Findley and seventh grader Adiel Sanchez played the lovable team of Kristoff and Sven. Seventh grader Caleb Lynn brought lots of laughs and heart to the role of Olaf. Juniors Michael Diaz and Marissa Cruz, along with sixth grader Marin Plemons, provided the narration as the Storytellers. Dallas Academy Headmaster, Jim Richardson, delighted the audience with his surprise performance as Santa Claus. The show was directed, produced, and adapted by Molly Grogan and co-directed by Sydney Daly. Dallas Academy teacher Jay Stanford served as technical director and parent Jesse Diaz served as the art team designer. The show would not have been possible without the dedicated support of the numerous volunteers and technical crew.

The play ended on a high note when Michael Diaz and Caleb Lynn led the audience in a holiday sing-along to the classic “Let It Snow.” The musical, and its message of love, family, and acceptance, reminded the audience of the true meaning of the season.