Cashore Marionettes Perform at Dallas Academy

Dallas Academy’s Department of Music and Performing Arts welcomed the Cashore Marionettes on Thursday to the school’s stage. The performance was a part of the Guest Concert Series which aims to bring cultural enrichment opportunities to the Dallas Academy student body by hosting a diverse array of performing artists on campus.


The Cashore Marionettes are world renowned puppeteers based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and are currently on a national tour. Joseph Cashore is the mastermind behind the Cashore Marionettes. Mr. Cashore hand crafts each marionette in addition to writing and performing each scene in the show. Ms. Cashore shared with the audience that his passion for puppeteering began when he was a young boy and his parents took him to a gift shop where he first spotted a marionette hanging from the ceiling. He remembered staring at the marionette for a long time, imagining the possibilities. Mr. Cashore states that he was shy but he mustered up the courage to ask the saleswoman if he could try moving the marionette. She said no. That experience inspired him to go home and build his own marionettes. From that moment on, Mr. Cashore dedicated his life to this art form which combines design, music, and performance with mechanics and engineering.


Mr. Cashore performed pieces from his Life in Motion show for the Dallas Academy audience which explores the universal themes of love, grief, joy, integrity, and humor.  The performance featured a series of scenes taken from everyday life which were set to music. Students watched scenes featuring a mother rocking a baby to sleep, a homeless man, grief-struck, digging through the garbage, and a nervous child performing in the circus, among many others. Dallas Academy students and guests were truly entertained and touched by the show. A big thank you to Ms. Grogan for bringing this performance to the Dallas Academy stage.