Homecoming Surprise for Family of Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel

Dallas Academy was proud to be the home to a very special surprise on Friday. Lieutenant Colonel Patrick L. Johnson of the United States Marine Corps returned home to Texas after a serving his country for a year in the Middle East. LtCol Johnson returned home to his wife Anne, and three children, Bryghte, Asher, and Madray, as well as relatives, friends, and supporters. Bryghte is a current seventh grade student at Dallas Academy and Asher is a current fifth grade student at Dallas Academy. The big surprise took place at Dallas Academy during a patriotic all-school assembly. This was first time that the Johnson children have seen their father since April when he deployed overseas from a Virginia training base. Especially heartwarming is that February 3rd will be Bryghte’s thirteenth birthday and all he wanted as a gift was to celebrate the occasion with his father.

Dallas Academy, along with Anne, planned the assembly to surprise the children with their father’s arrival. The entire Dallas Academy community believed they were going to watch an assembly about why we celebrate Presidents’ Day. Dallas Academy’s Boy Scout Troop 36 led the community in the Pledge of Allegiance and then the Dallas Academy choir sang a patriotic melody. Dallas Academy’s headmaster, Jim Richardson, then shared with students, faculty, and friends the story of Presidents’ Day and why it is important to not only recognize our great leaders, but also those brave individuals who make daily sacrifices to keep our country great. Mr. Richardson then surprised the audience with an announcement of LtCol Johnson’s arrival. The stage curtains pulled open and LtCol Johnson was revealed to his children and friends. The reunion was moving to all those present in the audience.

Service to country has always been a large part of LtCol Johnson’s life. After graduating from college, LtCol Johnson joined the Marines. After serving on active duty for four years, LtCol Johnson signed up for the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) list in the Marines while pursuing his career in the oil and gas financial field. After 9/11, LtCol Johnson pulled out of the IRR and decided to join the active reserves. “Patrick believes strongly in this mission and in his country,” says his wife Anne. In 2005, LtCol Johnson was called back into active duty to serve for a year in Iraq. After returning home in 2005, LtCol Johnson stayed on the active reserve list. Two years ago he was commanded to a reserve unit in Houston where the Johnson family was living at the time. Last January, LtCol Johnson was asked to extend his service and join a new unit. His new position had him leading a team of sixteen men of the 2/23 unit, which is based out of Pasadena, California, in training missions in Jordan. Their duty was to provide resources and expertise for American troops in Afghanistan. This new position sent LtCol Johnson to Afghanistan on numerous occasions.

During his year away, LtCol Johnson’s family left Houston to be closer to Anne’s family in Dallas. “I grew up in Dallas and knew that I could find support in raising my three children during my husband’s absence. I thought it was important for Bryghte, Asher, and Madray to be near family while their father was away. It is a scary time for the kids but they have been so strong. They miss their dad but understand that what he is doing is important work.”

“Patrick has been a leader to so many brave men and women throughout his military career,” says Anne. “We are excited for him to be home and to lead our family.” Dallas Academy echoes Anne’s sentiment and was excited to be a part of the Johnson family’s reunion. Please join us in welcoming home LtCol Johnson!