Kim Toulouse Named Teacher of the Year

Please join the Dallas Academy community in congratulating Ms. Kim Toulouse, the 2012 East Dallas Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Year!

Ms. Toulouse was selected as Teacher of the Year by the Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce selection committee for her 29 years of dedicated service to the students of Dallas Academy. Ms. Toulouse, along with five other teachers from the community, was awarded Teacher of the Year on Tuesday in a ceremony held at Lakehill Preparatory School. Mr. James H. Weber, Executive Vice President and Director of Corporate Marking and Communications for Comerica Bank, served as the keynote speaker. Mr. Weber shared his thoughts of what makes an exceptional teacher. Mr. Weber emphasized that teachers do much more than teach; they instill values. Teachers shape the minds and hearts at children during a pivotal time in development. Teachers mentor and guide the future of our communities. Our teachers are at the heart of our community and education brings us all together.

Ms. Toulouse has been a key part of the Dallas Academy community. Ms. Toulouse serves as the chair of the math department and teaches the majority of the upper school math curriculum. Ms. Toulouse helps guide the curriculum selection process to be sure that each Dallas Academy student’s unique educational needs are met. She helps teach one of the most challenging academic areas in unique and fun ways so that every child is reached. In addition to being a wonderful teacher in the classroom, Ms. Toulouse brightens up the halls of campus with her great smile and positive attitude. Students know that they have a mentor and friend in Ms. Toulouse. Ms. Toulouse’s career is an inspiration to all those who she has taught and she is a valued member of our community. For this reason, Dallas Academy nominated, and she was selected as, Teacher of the Year.