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1st - 6th Grade
Programs and Offerings
Grades 1-6 Core Curriculum
English Language Arts - Language arts is a progressive and sequential program that encompasses grammar, written expression, vocabulary, reading comprehension, literature, and developmental reading.
English Phonics - Dallas Academy utilizes the Orton Gillingham Phonics and Reading Program in the classroom. This multisensory program uses techniques to promote better retention as students are taught the phonetic codes of the language. Multisensory teaching is simultaneously visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile to enhance memory and learning. Dallas Academy instructors give clear instruction in the key areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, rules of spelling, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies. Dallas Academy promotes sequential skill-building and curriculum is individualize and effective for all ages. 
Math - Dallas Academy utilizes the Envision multisensory math program which uses signature touch points to engage students of all abilities and learning styles. Dallas Academy encourages an individualized program to develop mathematical skills aided by concrete and semi-concrete manipulative and problem solving activities.
Science - An orderly system of solving problems covering grade-level concepts through a discovery approach with “hands on” experiences. Many opportunities are given for the students to observe, measure, infer, make judgments, analyze data, test hypotheses, and conduct experiments on a regular basis.
Social Studies - Students are presented with grade-level subject matter covering history, geography, economics, government and political sciences. The class is enriched by an interdisciplinary approach including the arts and multi-media computer technology.
Grades 1-6 Enrichment Curriculum

Take Flight - Dallas Academy offers the research-based dyslexia intervention program Take Flight to qualified students in the Lattner Lower School. Take Flight: A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia is a two-year curriculum written by the staff of the Luke Waites Center for Dyslexia and Learning Disorders at Scottish Rite Hospital. Take Flight is systematic, sequential, multisensory, and offers repetition for fluency. Take Flight addresses the five components of effective reading instruction including Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension.

Technology - Students are able to take advantage of the latest technology during this class. Opportunities to work with publisher, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and multi-media presentations are provided.

Physical Education - All students participate in physical education every day. Students are presented with opportunities to participate in calisthenics, organized sports, sensory integration and games, along with perceptual-motor skills activities.
Fine Arts - Students are presented with opportunities to develop appreciation for the arts and grow in their ability to utilize various mediums, creative interests and abilities.
Music Therapy and Drama - Students participate in music appreciation, relaxation techniques, and sound and rhythm activities. Students are also provided an opportunity to participate in seasonal show productions. The Annual DA Talent Show provides students an opportunity to display their talents to the general public. Private music lessons are also available.
Current Events - Students are encouraged to grow in their knowledge of current events. Students make monthly selections on current events of their choice and present the information orally to the teacher and other students in their class.
Field Trips - Students are given opportunities to take several field trips throughout the school year. Students have enjoyed trips to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, the Omni Theatre, Museum of Nature and Science, The Mint, the Dallas World Aquarium, Dallas Children's Theater, Old City Park, the Dallas and Ft. Worth Zoos, Highland Park Planetarium, among many others.